MOI Juvenile Police Department signs agreement with Behavioral Healthcare Center

Photo courtesy: MOI Public Relations Department

The Ministry of the Interior, represented by the Juvenile Police Department, signed a cooperation agreement with the Behavioral Healthcare Center, on Sunday 24 January 24, 2021 at the officers Club of the General Directorate of Civil Defense to enhance cooperation between the two parties in the areas of exchange of experience and achieving common goals for the protection of juveniles and those exposed to behavioral deviation.

The agreement was signed by Brigadier Ibrahim Eissa Al Bouainain, Director of the Juvenile Police Department at the MOI, and Rashid Mohamed al-Nuaimi, Director-General of the Behavioral Healthcare Center.

Brigadier Ibrahim Eissa Al Bouainain said that the agreement comes within the framework of promoting joint work between the two parties in the fields of educational activities, exchange of experiences, cooperation in research and studies, offering lectures, seminars and training workshops to protect juveniles from being exposed to causes and problems of delinquency and supporting programs for their protection. He confirmed that the agreement would contribute to improving the joint work between the Juvenile Police Department and the Behavioral Healthcare Center.

For his part Rashid Mohamed al-Nuaimi said that the agreement between the center and the Juvenile Police Department was an important step in the area of community partnership between the government sector and civil society institutions, which will enhance the exchange of experience and capacity. He stressed the Center's concern to continue cooperation with the Ministry of Interior in providing quality services to all members of society, considering the Ministry of the Interior as a strategic partner, hoping that the two parties will offer a lot of joint work to care for the targeted groups.