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Msheireb Downtown Doha continues to offer its distinctive cultural activities during the World Cup

Doha, Qatar (28 November 2022) – A week into the celebration of the biggest football championship in the world and the arrival of international football fans, Msheireb Downtown Doha continues to offer distinctive cultural activities that reflect the essence of the rich Qatari identity and heritage for visitors of all ages.

Among the most important cultural facilities and events, Msheireb Museums which include four heritage houses, provide a comprehensive view of Qatar’s history and connect visitors with the past and present of the nation.

The cultural activities not only include a deep dive into Qatar’s history but also examine the life and journey of emotions and creativity of internationally renowned artists such as Frida Kahlo immersive experience located at the Bin Jelmood House in Msheireb Museums along with Maison Valentino at M7.

In Sikkat Al Wadi, Intaj– a cinema, television, and theatre exhibition –documents the history of the cinema, film and theatre industry in Qatar, attracting film enthusiasts from all over the world to learn more about the evolution of the industry. For content creators, the city provides Media Hub Qatar4Cam to support various social media and digital platforms that are divided into multiple sections.

In the same area, Mawater Warehouse exhibition allows car enthusiasts to display their race cars for people to see. Visitors can also purchase high-quality and carefully selected local-made products in the homegrown store in a special local atmosphere.

Lastly, Al Barahat zone is a pre-booking area characterized by its privacy, where families and individuals can enjoy the matches on a giant screen while being surrounded by the finest restaurants and cafes.



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