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Msheireb Downtown Doha receives more than 4 million visitors during the World Cup

Doha, Qatar (20 December 2022) – Msheireb Downtown Doha sets the record for receiving more than 4 million fans from Qatar and around the world during the World Cup, making the city a global destination.

The city offered various immersive and comprehensive experiences such as museum exhibitions, performances and celebrations that engaged the visitors to keep up with the excitement. The various events organized with several partners brought families and guests from all cultural backgrounds together in a city where one can discover Qatari heritage and traditions.

Maryam Al Jassem, Manager of PR and Communication, at Msheireb Properties stated: “We are pleased to have hosted many visitors from all over the world to show our world-class facilities while appreciating Qatari culture and heritage. Msheireb continues to contribute to Qatar’s sustainability goals to create a better future for us all. We are excited for the rest of the world to discover their world in a downtown in the future.”

Millions of fans enjoyed activations that were held in every corner of the city. The city district offered several cultural, art, entrainment and sport activations that added great value to the football experience.

The Host Country Media Center provided broadcast and media facilities for 2,500 journalists coming from around the world including broadcasting stations, live games viewing stations, conference rooms, and service centers. 

Moreover, live performances by renowned artists from all over the world celebrated the joyous occasion at Sikkat Al Wadi, Msheireb Galleria and Barahat Msheireb which had a dedicated private area for watching the matches and hosted a live performance by the Qatar Philharmonic Orchestra.

Located at the heart of Doha, Msheireb Downtown Doha is the ideal place to explore the nation’s history and culture. With the latest innovation that are implemented throughout the city, making the visit more pleasurable and sustainable. Moreover, thousands of visitors enjoyed the sustainable way of transportation inside the city district by the eco-friendly tram, or on foot in line with highest safety and security measures.

The district prides itself on promoting sustainability that contribute to Qatar’s national vision, as one of the most smart and sustainable cities in the world.



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