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PHASE Qatar and BMKQ Promote Safety and Health Awareness Among OFWs at MWOOFRC

Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) is a crucial component of any workplace, central to the collaborative initiative focused on enhancing the welfare of Filipino workers through essential resources and education.

31 May 2024, Doha, Qatar – In a collaborative effort to enhance safety and health awareness, the Philippine Association of Safety Engineers Qatar (PHASE Qatar) and Bayanihan ng Manggagawa sa Konstruksiyon ng Qatar (BMKQ) have extended their outreach to the Philippine Migrant Workers and Other Overseas Filipino Resource Center (MWOOFRC) in Onaiza, Qatar. The center serves as a refuge for many distressed Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs).


The joint initiative between PHASE Qatar and BMKQ is focused on educating and raising awareness about occupational safety and health (OSH) focusing more on household safety among the OFWs residing at the MWOOFRC facility. This program is part of their broader mission to support and protect Filipino workers in Qatar.


PHASE Qatar, a proactive organization composed of safety engineers and professionals, has a long-standing commitment to OSH advocacy across various industries. Their expertise and dedication to promoting a culture of safety have made significant impacts on the well-being of workers in Qatar.


BMKQ, representing Filipino overseas workers in the construction and related sectors, plays a crucial role in this initiative. The organization is known for its active involvement in advocating for the rights and welfare of Filipino workers abroad. Through their partnership with PHASE Qatar, they aim to ensure that OFWs are well-informed about safety protocols and health practices that are essential in their daily lives and workplaces.


The outreach program at MWOOFRC includes training sessions, workshops, and interactive activities designed to equip the OFWs with knowledge and skills to manage safety and health risks effectively especially within household settings. By bringing these vital resources to the shelter, PHASE Qatar and BMKQ are making significant strides in fostering a safer and healthier environment for the overseas workers.


This collaboration underscores the importance of community and organizational support in safeguarding the welfare of OFWs, reflecting a shared commitment to improving the lives of Filipino workers in Qatar.


The program concluded by distributing personal items to 55 wards, along with diapers and vitamins provided to 5 children at the MWO center.



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