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PICE Qatar brings out the essential knowledge & skills in supervising various piling works

by: Rodel M. Lolong

The process of drilling foundations through the ground to provide more structural strength to the weak soil underneath is called Piling. It prepares the ground to carry heavy loads, such as a new home, office complex, road, or another piece of infrastructure. That is what PICE Qatar through the Committee on Continuing Professional Advancement (COCPA) highlights in their 10th online seminar entitled “THE ESSENTIAL KNOWLEDGE AND SKILLS IN SUPERVISING VARIOUS PILING WORKS” last August 12, 2022. It was attended by forty (40) participants including BODs and committee members.

Engr. Alfonso Reyes Sincioco Jr., a Civil Engineer, having a Master’s Degree in Civil Engineering and International Construction Management, who is currently working as a Resident Engineer in one of the top companies in Singapore was introduced by COCPA Director Engr. Angelo D. Eda.

The seminar proper was divided into two different parts, Engr. Sincioco during the first half has discussed the Type of Piles, Design requirements, Authority Requirements, and Construction work.

The second half then focused on the Supervision Works, QA/QC Checks, Challenges, QS records, and Safety & Risk Management.

It was concluded by an interactive Q&A from the speaker and participants then Awarding of Certificate to the resource Speaker and was officially ended by 2nd VP Loraine Radan with a closing remark as she expressed her gratitude to the resource speaker for sharing his expertise and to everyone who supports to make the event a success, especially to Board of Directors and Committee Officers.


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