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PICE Qatar Initiatives: Donation Drive for Typhoon “Agaton” Victims in Leyte Province, Philippines

by Emmanuel German Boceta

Tropical Storm Megi, also known as Tropical Storm Agaton in the Philippines, was a weak but devastating tropical cyclone that hit the Philippines in April 2022. Floods and landslides swept across the Visayas region as a result of persistent heavy rainfall, flash flooding, and strong winds. In light of these circumstances and the humanitarian aspect, PICE Qatar immediately organized a donation drive for the victims of Typhoon Agaton, specifically from the municipalities of Baybay City and Abuyog in the province of Leyte, which were hard hit by sudden landslides caused by the storm's torrential rains.

The Committee on PICE Qatar Affairs collected a total of QR 3,740 equivalent to Php 53,000.00 in personal cash voluntary gifts from its members through intensive solicitation during meet-ups and gatherings. With the data in hand, PICE Qatar COME Chairwoman Marian Ocampo coordinated with the Leyte Youth Volunteers Guild, a local volunteer organization in Leyte Province, to plan for the distribution of commodities to affected beneficiaries.

From the period of May 27-29, the packing, handover and distribution of all donations were done for the Typhoon & landslide victims in Brgy. Bahay, Abuyog and Brgy. Kantagnos, Baybay City, Leyte Province by PICE Qatar’s partner and “on ground prime movers”, the 10 members from Leyte Youth Volunteers’ Guild led by Mr. Gorg Ryan Rodriguez Requiez.

Photo Credit: Leyte Youth Volunteers’ Guild

There were 111 beneficiaries from Brgy. Bahay, Abuyog, Leyte (evacuees staying at Gabaldon ES, Brgy. Bahay, Abuyog) & 162 beneficiaries from Brgy. Kantagnos, Baybay City, Leyte (evacuees staying at Baybay Senior High School, Baybay City), summing up to a total of 273 household beneficiaries.

Clearly, the manifestation of proper communication, collaboration and teamwork moves with the spirit of volunteerism among different organization working hand in hand for the service of our fellowmen.

Once again, these actions proved a clear manifestation of PICE Qatar’s commitment in achieving one of its Primary Objectives “1.2.2 Extending assistance to concerned members in time of need and to charitable Institution/s for distribution to calamity affected recipients in the Philippines.”



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