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PICPA Doha LLC (G) reaffirms Partnership with Qabayan Radio

Doha, Qatar – The Philippine Institute of Certified Public Accountants - PICPA Doha LLC (G) recently reaffirmed its partnership with Qabayan Radio in a formal signing ceremony. The agreement, which was renewed for another term, solidifies the collaboration between these two entities in promoting the interests of Filipino accountants and finance professionals in Qatar.

The signing of the MOU took place at Qabayan Radio studio and was marked by the presence of PICPA Doha's President, John Vincent P. Gunita, and Qabayan Radio General Manager, Nhelie Rosopa. This strategic partnership signifies the commitment of both organizations to further the growth and development of the Filipino accounting and finance community in Qatar.

PICPA Doha, a chapter of the larger Philippine Institute of Certified Public Accountants, is an organization dedicated to representing the interests of accountants and finance professionals in Qatar. It provides a platform for networking, knowledge-sharing, and staying updated with industry trends and developments, helping its members excel in their professional careers.

The organization's vision is clear: to be the premier choice for professional development among Filipino finance professionals in Qatar. This renewed partnership with Qabayan Radio underlines their ongoing commitment to achieving this vision.

PICPA Doha is headed by President John Vincent Gunita, a Certified Public Accountant (CPA), who leads a team of 26 professionals for the fiscal year 2023-2024.

The complete list of officers for the fiscal year 2023-2024 is as follows:

Council Officers:

President: John Vincent Gunita, CPA

Senior Vice President: Kathryn Joyce Fajardo, CPA, CMA

Vice President: Jyerex Abrasado, CPA, CIMA, Dip MA

Secretary: Jeamma Varry Tamayo, CPA, CMA

Treasurer: Marivel Pagayonan, CPA, CMA

Auditor: Marilou Tabisora, CPA, CMA, CICA, RFP

Accountant: Jay Mariano, CPA

Press Relation Officer: Ariel Joseph Teologo, CPA, CICA, AFA

Head for Continuing Professional Development (CPD): Chubet Ann Panaga, CPA

Head for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR): Anneth Lumanao, CPA

Head for Corporate Governance and Compliance: Hashim Tating, CPA

Head for Education: Hazel Abella, CPA, RFP

Head for Community Affairs: Rey Barcena, CPA, CIA, CISA

Head for Sports: Rotinie Nidea De La Torre, CPA

Head for Ways & Means: Princess Bigay, CPA

Head for Social Media Relations: Christine Hanna Masarate, CPA, CMA

Head for Membership: Rowena Cahintong, CPA, CMA, MBA

Associate Volunteers:

Head - Committee on Associate Affairs: Cris Nunez

Associate Volunteer - Community Affairs: Morris Montecillo

Associate Volunteer - Social Media Relations: Alvin Guanzon

Associate Volunteer - Education: Carl Albrecht Bautista

Associate Volunteer - Corporate Social Responsibility: Najeeb Abdullah Mamacotao

Associate Volunteer - Membership: Ruby Nepacena

Associate Volunteer - Ways and Means: Catherine Deligero

Associate Volunteer - Sports: Jay Rafael Angeles

Associate Volunteer - Press Relation: Rebekah Pardillo

From L-R: Avigael Mejia (PICPA Qatar Toastmasters Secretary); Hazel Abella (PICPA Qatar Toastmasters President); Christine Hanna Masarate (PICPA Qatar Toastmasters VP for Public Relations); Rebekah Pardillo (PICPA Doha PRO); John Vincent Gunita (PICPA Doha Chapter President); Nhelie Rosopa (Qabayan Radio GM); RJ Andi (Qabayan Radio Radio Jockey); Najeeb Mamacotao (PICPA Qatar Toastmasters Treasurer); Katherine Javier (PICPA Qatar Toastmasters VP for Education); Carl Albrecht Bautista (PICPA Qatar Toastmasters VP for Membership)

The signing ceremony of the renewed partnership agreement between PICPA Doha and Qabayan Radio highlights the commitment of both organizations to further enhance the professional development and community engagement opportunities for Filipino accountants and finance professionals in Qatar. With a strong and dedicated leadership team and a network of enthusiastic volunteers, PICPA Doha is set to continue making a significant impact within the Filipino accounting community in the region.



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