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Promise Dental Center opens Madinat Khalifa Branch

Promise Dental Center is a health care branch of the Promise Medical Group. It was founded and spearheaded by the company’s enterprising CEO, Dr. Abdul Samad who has been practicing for over 30 years, his professionalism and care has earned him an unmatchable reputation in the community. The first branch launched was the Rayyan dental center located in Al Rayyan which was set up 13 years ago. Since then, the clinic has expanded to over 5 locations in various parts of Qatar in order to make our services accessible to everyone. Our dental centers are spread through Izghawa, Muaither, Umm al Dome etc. We are honored to have successfully treated over 100,000 patients so far and proud to say that the Promise family is ever growing. We also have an aesthetic Center in Dubai catering to the cosmetic and dermatologic demands of our patients.

We have added another feather to our cap with the launch of the new branch of Promise Dental Center at Madinat Khalifa South. The Center will be Inaugurated on August 19th 2022 at 4:00 PM. The Inauguration will be performed by the respected Inaugurator Sayyid Munavvar Ali Shihab Thangal and the ceremony will be presided over by the honorable Chief Guest Janab Parakkal Abdulla.

Our team comprises of over 50 medical staff, most of whom are specialists whose specialization ranges from Pedodontics to Oral and maxillofacial surgery (Dental Implants) and from Orthodontics to Endodontics etc. The staff has been especially handpicked based on their expertise in the field, experience and commitment to providing a superior level of personalized care to their patients. Our courteous and friendly front office executives have been trained to make your experience all the more pleasant.

The staffs are multilingual and can speak Arabic, English, Hindi, Telugu, Tagalog, Bengali, Tamil, Malayalam, Nepali, Urdu, Marathi, Kannada and Marwari.

It is a privilege to announce that this center features the latest technology & equipment and has all dental specialties under one roof which enables us to treat patients of all age groups. Patients can contact the clinic for preventive dental care, routine check-ups or more complicated procedures such as Dental Implants, Root canal Treatment, Braces treatment, Clear Aligners or smile enhancement procedures such as teeth whitening, veneers or a Hollywood smile.

Our team of specialists are here to treat you with the finest treatment modalities that modern dental science has to offer. The facility is equipped with state-of-the-art Dental Chairs from Anthos (Italy) and Dental X ray units such as Panorama and Lateral Cephalogram from Germany. The Instruments and materials are the latest generation American and Italian products to give the best possible treatment results. At Promise Dental Center, you can expect to be treated in a friendly environment at the most affordable prices.

We will be issuing Special Privilege Cards which will be enabled with a Dynamic QR code for every patient. These Special Privilege Cards will provide frequent discounts and special offers on treatments for our Patrons.

We also provide Special treatment Packages for Companies and schools as well as Government Institutions like Hamad Hospitals and P.H.C.C (Primary health care Centers) for their staff and families as well “Our vision is to provide the best therapeutic and Cosmetic treatment solutions to everyone at very economical prices so people wouldn’t need to travel to far away countries to be able to afford treatment. The other advantages of getting treatment done locally is that the quality and standard of materials is maintained, and, of course, regular follow ups can be performed which give the best results." Dr. Abdul Samad was quoted as saying.



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