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Qabayan Radio and IIEE-SQC renew collaboration agreement

Doha, February 25, 2024: In a bid to strengthen their collaboration for the betterment of the Filipino community in Qatar, Qabayan Radio and the Institute of Integrated Electrical Engineers – State of Qatar Chapter (IIEE-SQC) have renewed their Memorandum of Understanding (MoU). The signing ceremony, marking this significant milestone, was held at the Qabayan Radio station on Sunday, February 25, 2024.

The renewal of the MoU underscores the commitment of both parties to work together for mutual benefit and to enhance the services provided to their respective organizations and the Filipino community at large in Qatar.

Engr. Enrique I. Flores – President of IIEE-SQC and Mr. Salim Kainikkara – Qabayan Radio’s Managing Director sign the collaboration agreement, while key officials from both parties look on.

The agreement was formally signed by Mr. Salim Kainikkara, Managing Director of Qabayan Radio, and Engr. Enrique I. Flores, President of IIEE-SQC. The ceremony was attended and witnessed by key representatives from both organizations.

As a token of appreciation for Qabayan Radio's unwavering support and dedication to the initiatives of IIEE-SQC, a plaque of appreciation was presented during the ceremony. Mr. Kainikkara graciously accepted the plaque from Engr. Flores, further solidifying the bond between the two entities.

Mr. Salim Kainikkara – Qabayan Radio’s Managing Director receives the plaque of appreciation from Engr. Enrique I. Flores - President of IIEE-SQC

Both parties expressed their commitment to continue working together on various programs and initiatives aimed at benefiting the Filipino community in Qatar. The renewal of the MoU signifies the ongoing partnership and shared vision to serve the community and foster positive development in the region.

Looking ahead, Qabayan Radio and IIEE-SQC anticipate further collaboration and joint ventures that will contribute to the welfare and advancement of the Filipino community, reflecting their dedication to making a positive impact in Qatar.



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