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Qabayan Radio and PICE Qatar Chapter renew collaboration for another year

The Philippine Institute of Civil Engineers (PICE) Qatar Chapter and Qabayan Radio have reaffirmed their partnership with the renewal of a collaboration agreement. The signing ceremony took place at the Qabayan Broadcast studio in Al Muntazah, marking a significant milestone in the continued cooperation between the two organizations.

The agreement was signed by Qabayan's Station Manager, Aimie Glend Tesio (RJ Cody), and Engr. Dave G. Sanchez, President of PICE Qatar Chapter. The ceremony was attended by officials from both parties, symbolizing the mutual commitment to further strengthen their ties and work together towards common goals.

The collaboration between PICE Qatar Chapter and Qabayan Radio plays a vital role in promoting the interests and welfare of Filipino civil engineers in Qatar. Through this partnership, they aim to provide a platform for knowledge-sharing, networking opportunities, and professional development for members of the engineering community.

Additionally, Qabayan Radio serves as a valuable medium for reaching out to the Filipino community in Qatar, raising awareness about the contributions of Filipino engineers, and fostering a sense of unity and camaraderie among them.

The renewal of the collaboration agreement underscores the importance of fostering strong partnerships within the Filipino community and beyond. By working together, PICE Qatar Chapter and Qabayan Radio are poised to make a positive impact and continue serving the needs of Filipino civil engineers and the wider community in Qatar.



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