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Safari Mall Hosts Spectacular Celebration for 125th Philippine Independence Day Pre-Event

10 June 2023. Doha-Qatar. Safari Mall in Abu Hamour is no stranger to hosting extravaganza events, but on June 10, 2023, the mall turned into a house full of joy and celebration. Hundreds of Filipinos descended onto the premises to partake in a pre-event celebration of the 125th Philippine Independence Day. The initiative was spearheaded by Safari Hypermarket management in conjunction with the upcoming Philippine Independence Day celebration on June 12, 2023, a significant date for Filipinos worldwide.

The celebration was a feast for the guests' eyes, featuring a dedicated Filipino products section in the mall and entertainment sorties that got everyone on their toes. One could feel the festive spirit in the air as guests indulged in fun games and activities facilitated by Qabayan Radio jockeys RJ Andi and RJ Cody. To amp up the joyous atmosphere, a local Filipino Band – Stellaluna – rendered lively musical performances throughout the event.

Stellaluna Band

The event was well-received by the Filipino community, and they expressed their heartfelt thanks to the Safari Mall management for organizing an event that helped them commemorate the heroism of the Philippine heroes that led to independence, freedom, and liberation of the Philippine republic. This event was a fantastic opportunity for Filipinos residing in Doha to come together and celebrate their country's Independence Day in full spirit.

In an interview with the attendees, they expressed their joy for the initiative Safari Mall management took to make this event come to life. They mentioned that this event brought a sense of togetherness and pride to the Filipino communities in the country. They also got the chance to savor traditional Filipino food and indulge in lively conversation throughout the day.

Overall, the pre-event celebration for the 125th Philippine Independence Day was a massive success, thanks to the keen efforts of the Safari Mall management to provide an opportunity for Filipinos residing in Qatar to come together and celebrate their country's Independence Day in full spirit. Everyone who attended the event expressed their gratitude towards the Safari Mall management, and if this event is anything to go by, they are already looking forward to next year's celebrations.



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