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The Crew Qatar (CrewQ) on its way to compete at the prestigious UDO World Championships in UK

Qatar’s Leading Performance Group set to Participate at the Global Street Dance Championship.

July 2022 | DOHA the CrewQ; a competitive and ambitious, street dance team from Qatar has qualified to compete at the prestigious United Dance Organization - UDO World Championships which is set to be held at Winter Gardens in the UK in the month of August 2022.

The UDO World is highly acclaimed street dance sports event running throughout the year in the UK and Europe. At the event, thousands of dancers from across the globe come together to compete for World Champion titles in front of the world's best Street Dance and Hip Hop dance celebrity judges. The UDO World Championships is the height of the annual Street Dance and hip-hop dance competition calendar.

The CrewQ with 2 levels Jr. and Sr. is composed of 7-17 years old student scholar with multicultural nationalities and diverse dance background was formed by My First Eight Count - MFEC Street Dance, a movement training center founded by MFEC Events, a creative dance agency specializes in performance arts. MFEC Street Dance thrives on delivering classes/workshops to engage people of all ages looking for artistic self-expression, Exercise and/or social opportunities through dance. Since its establishment in 2015, MFEC’s Street Dance Trainers continue to explore and cultivate the craft and is committed to hone and develop the skills of a younger generation of talented freestylers dance artists, right here in Qatar.

UDO Championship draws dancers from around the world. Teams participate in qualifying rounds to secure a slot to compete at the championship. Under the tutelage of MFEC Street Dance a massively talented group of CrewQ artiste took the initiative to apply for a competition slot at the UDO World Championships. The CrewQ team has clearly impressed the preliminary judges and have secured place in the UDO Worlds battleground.

Commenting on the incredible opportunity before them, Aristotle Hernandez, Head of MFEC said, “This vibrant 4-day event is THE most prestigious dance competition of them all. So we are thrilled that our team has qualified to participate to - Entry level for Team and Beginner/Intermediate/Advanced for Solo, Duo and TrioQuad categories at the UDO World Championships. We are fortunate that Qatar supports all sports in the community and for the community. That is the amazing, supportive environment that has really helped groups like us to emerge”.

Aristotle went on to say, “The fact that ‘The CrewQ’ got into such a highly competitive, global competition the level of skills they possess. Competing teams across the world perform at very high levels, so it is really significant that our team has the self-belief and the talent to step up and we have been rewarded with the chance to compete against the best at this global dance event. We are certain that we can create a hugely positive impression of Qatar at the UDO World UK and we are looking forward to bringing back home a victory”.

Given Qatar’s vision as a sport nation, The CrewQ mission is that Qatar will gradually consider the contribution that group performance like street dance makes as a sporting activity. Well aware that, street dance style – “Breakdance” now has successfully made the leap from ’80s pop culture to the Olympic stage where Breakdance is billed to make its Olympic debut in Paris 2024. The power of Street Dance Sports to bring the community together and encourage physical fitness and sporting skill is a further reason for Qatar to be supportive of such initiatives.

Stay tuned for The CrewQ’s Send-Off Show happening on 29th July 2022 at Education City. Amazing line-up of guest dance artist will join the group on this day for more inquiries about the dance concert. Please get in touch with MFEC Street Dance social media pages IG, FB @mfecqatar and website #TheCrewQtoWorlds #unitedwedance #roadtoWorlds #mfecstreetdance


Send off… Show off… Street Dance…

A summer dance mash-up for the whole family, The CrewQ Send-off Show on the stage before the team’s competition in the UK. Directed by Aristotle Hernandez and choreographed by Gerald Hernandez this street dance spectacle is a re-mixed and re-imagined piece of popular styles from hip-hop to house, locking to popping, breaking to vogue and waacking with smashing krump, lite-feet and afro together into a heart stomping and inspirational send-off event.

Watch with your family and friends and let the dynamic performers of The CrewQ Send-off Show take you on a journey that celebrates love, community, and the optimism for this hopeful 10 young dancers beat their courage.



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