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UAP Qatar Chapter inaugurates new BODs for FY 2021-2022

“A leader is great, not because of his or her power, but because of his or her ability to empower others”- John C. Maxwell.
“As we look ahead into the next century, leaders will be those who empower others.”- Bill Gates.

The inauguration of the new Board of Directors for the fiscal year 2021-2022 of the United Architects of the Philippines-Qatar Chapter (UAP-QA) that took place on the 2nd day of July 2021 marks the traditional yet new normal turn-over of duties and responsibilities. In line with the event is the induction rites of the new committee heads, committee members and new chapter members which were hugely participated in by the inductees as a sign of their keenness to assist the BOD and serve the general membership. The gesture of event participation only shows the inspiring spirit of camaraderie in this UAP QA Chapter Fiscal Year 2021-2022, an outcome that signifies that the event has been successful.

Ar. Marvin M. Tejada, UAP

Chapter President

Ar. Janel S. Hipolito, UAP

Vice President Programs & Development

Ar. Jayson Z. Santos, UAP

Vice President Operations

Ar. Kathleen B. Osio, UAP

Chapter Secretary

Ar. Leah DC. Bianan, UAP

Chapter Treasurer

Ar. Melani S. Ramos, UAP

Chapter Auditor

Ar. Carmelita G. Flores, UAP

Director - Professional Development

Ar. Maria Michaela A. Pasiona, UAP

Director - Internal Affairs

Ar. Ferdinand Magpantay

Director- External and Governmental Affairs

Ar. Melanie V. Sandicho, UAP

Director - Professional Practice

Ar. Joan P. De Guzman, UAP

Director - Education Arkitekturang Filipino

Important highlights of the first part of the program were the Welcome Remarks by Outgoing Chapter Auditor Ar. Kriz Samed Quiogue, uap; the Acknowledgment of Guests by Outgoing Chapter Secretary Ar. Farrahnel delos Reyes, uap; Introduction of the Guest Speaker by Outgoing Chapter Treasurer Ar. Roberto C. Santiano, uap and the introduction of Keynote Speaker by Chapter Vice President for Programs and Development Ar. Janel S. Hipolito, uap. The Guest Speaker was PPO-Q Chairman Engr. Adonis Q. Talabo and the Keynote Speaker was none other than Labor Attache Hon. Adam A. Musa, of the POLO OWWA Qatar.

The second part of the program started with the Valedictory Address by UAP Qatar Chapter Outgoing President Ar. Mario Herman M. Macaranas, uap. After the address, the New Chapter Officers were then presented to the National President by Secretary- General Ar. Jonathan V. Manalad, uap which was then promptly followed by the Charging of New Chapter Officers. Finally, the officers were then inducted into office by UAP National President Ar. Armando Eugene C. De Guzman III, fuap. The Chapter Board of Directors are composed of the following; President Ar. Marvin M. Tejada, uap; Vice President for Programs and Development Ar. Janel S. Hipolito, uap; Vice President for Operations Ar. Jayson Z. Santos, uap; Secretary Ar. Kathleen B. Osio-Arevalo, uap; Treasurer Ar. Leah DC. Bianan, uap; Auditor Ar. Melani S. Ramos, uap; Director for Continuing Professional Development Ar. Carmelita G. Flores, uap; Director for Internal Affairs Ar. Maria Michaela A. Pasiona, uap; Director for External & Governmental Affairs Ar. Ferdinand R. Magpantay, uap; Director for Professional Practice Ar. Melanie V. Sandicho, uap; and Director for Education/ Arkitekturang Filipino Ar. Joan P. De Guzman, uap.

The Regional District A4 Director Ar. Markel Cesar A. Luna, fuap on the other hand, presided over the Turn-over of Gavel and Acceptance ceremony between Outgoing Chapter President Ar. Mario Herman M. Macaranas, uap, and Incoming Chapter President Ar. Marvin M. Tejada, uap.