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Vaccination certificates will be the new norm before entering a country

HE Akbar Al Baker, Group CEO of Qatar Airways and Secretary-General of Qatar National Tourism Council | Photo Courtesy: Qatar Airways

In a BBC news interview, Qatar Airways GCEO HE Akbar Al Baker mentioned that vaccination certificates could be the new norm for many countries and would be a requirement that every person should be vaccinated before entering their countries.

Al Baker stated, “I think that this will be the new norm that everybody will have to produce a vaccination certificate to board an aeroplane - and not only to board an aeroplane, a lot of countries would require that you be vaccinated before you come to the countries. I think it will be a joint ICAO, IATA and WHO project, to introduce a safe pass for people whose vaccination certificates will be recognised internationally.”

“Until and unless science proves all these questions that people have about the disease or the effect of the vaccination, I don’t think that travel will come back to 2019 levels for the foreseeable future,” Al Baker added.

According to the GCEO, nothing is more costly than to look at the interest of the passengers and crew, to protect them from the pandemic. He added that their airline, Qatar Airways is ready to invest to give passengers the confidence that they can travel safely with their airlines.



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