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Beach Clean-Up Drive at Sealine Beach Unites Residents, Bloggers, and Volunteers

Sealine Beach, Qatar – May 17, 2024: In a spirited effort to promote environmental hygiene and cleanliness, a group of around 40 dedicated volunteers gathered at Sealine Beach for a beach clean-up drive organized by National Cruise Qatar. The event, blessed with clear blue skies and a warm sun, saw an atmosphere of enthusiasm, unity, and determination, turning a routine clean-up into a vibrant community activity.

Photo: Mega Cervantes

The campaign, aimed at raising awareness about the detrimental effects of plastic littering on marine life, was spearheaded by Mr. Ghiath Naser, Executive Manager of National Cruise Qatar, and Ms. Klim Camponion, Senior Sales and Marketing Manager.

The initiative was supported by various community groups and organizations, including Mega Cervantes, Ahmed Santor, Balahaw Boys Qatar (BBQ), Filipino Land Cruiser Qatar/Pajero Club Qatar (PCQ), ACM Qatar, Wellcare Pharmacies, Skin Doctors UK, Qatar Mirror Daily News, and gfpRawa.

Participants from all walks of life, including residents, bloggers, and volunteers, came together to tackle the pressing issue of beach pollution. The collective effort highlighted the growing concern over plastic waste in ocean waters, which poses a significant threat to marine ecosystems.

"Today's clean-up drive is not just about removing litter from the beach," said Mr. Naser. "It's about raising awareness and inspiring action to protect our oceans and marine life from the dangers of plastic pollution", he added.

Ms. Camponion stressed out, "The turnout and enthusiasm shown by the volunteers are truly inspiring. It demonstrates that community action can make a significant difference in preserving our natural environment."

The event concluded with the volunteers successfully collecting and properly disposing of a substantial amount of waste, leaving Sealine Beach cleaner and setting a powerful example of environmental stewardship.



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