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CREWQ Shines Bright: Qatar's Dance Sensations Secure Bronze at UDO World Championship 2023

CREWQ Jr clinched the 7th spot in the U14 Beginners category, while CREWQ Sr secured a commendable 4th place in the U18 Novice division at the prestigious UDO World Championship 2023 held in the United Kingdom.

Once again, CREWQ has brought immense pride and honor to Qatar, with both CREWQ Jr and CREWQ Sr earning Bronze Medals in their respective categories at the UDO World Championship 2023 in Blackpool, United Kingdom. This remarkable achievement was no small feat, considering the intense competition featuring over 35 nations and 4,000 talented dancers, including teams that had previously secured European and Asian Championship titles.

CREWQ Jr set the stage on fire during the Preliminary round of the U14 Beginners Division, initially securing the 6th position and then advancing to the Semi Finals, ultimately claiming the 3rd spot.

Meanwhile, CREWQ Sr continued their triumphant journey by also securing the 3rd position in the preliminary round and securing their place in the Finals of the U18 Novice category.

Both teams' remarkable performances led to them securing well-deserved Bronze Medals according to the UDO World Championship classification.

For detailed score results from the Preliminary to Finals rounds, please visit the official UDO website at

This ambitious achievement brilliantly showcases the immense talent of youths in Qatar on the global stage, adding to the growing list of accomplishments that continue to make the dance community of Doha a source of celebration and inspiration. Congratulations to CREWQ for this outstanding achievement!



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