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DFC Announces Revamped Brand Identity Focused on Creating Memorable Moments & Exclusive Experiences

Doha Festival City breathes new life into its brand by emphasizing the experiential side of its offering.
A host of new exciting events and activities will be held at Doha Festival City to celebrate the brand relaunch.

Doha, Qatar – 1st October 2020: Doha Festival City, Qatar's one and only choice for shopping, dining and entertainment, is pleased to announce its brand relaunch, geared towards a stronger engagement with the community, creating memorable moments and offering unique experiences.

On this special occasion, Doha Festival City organized a media briefing lunch for members of the media in Qatar on October 1st. During the event, Doha Festival City’s General Manager Robert Hall explained the rationale behind the brand relaunch, gave details on all upcoming initiatives and events at the Mall, and answered questions from the media.

Robert Hall emphasized during the event: “Our visitors are who we value the most, the very reason of Doha Festival City’s existence. The main purpose of this brand relaunch is to create more engagement, making our guests feel like they are truly part of the Doha Festival City family.”

“Our memories and feelings are what shapes us, and we wanted to make sure Doha Festival City provides truly immersive experiences, creating memorable moments that everyone can share,” he added.

While the brand pillars and philosophy remain the same, the focus is shifted towards the experiential side of Doha Festival City, an offering that stimulates all five senses, reflecting the Mall’s interactive approach with its visitors. Doha Festival City’s new brand strategy emphasizes creating memorable moments for its guests, constantly engaging with Qatar’s community through a variety of events and initiatives.

To celebrate this major shift, a host of new events and activations are scheduled at the Mall.

Doha Festival City’s Perceptual Art display, composed of a 3D sticker and 50 hanging art pieces forming ‘The one and only” tag line, invites visitors to create memories by taking photos and interacting with the unique art pieces. To create mystery and make the experience truly immersive, the tag line will be “hidden” – viewers will be able to see the full message from only one specific point, uncovering Doha Festival City’s brand tagline.

In partnership with Mazaji FM, a new Doha Festival City Radio Show will offer an interactive media platform for Arabic speakers in the heart of the Mall. Hosted by Hassan Sager and Ahmad Al Aglan, “Ghaddh’a” is an entertainment interactive show that will be aired daily from 7 pm to 8.30 pm, where guests will be able to participate in a myriad of competitions and games. The show will also be featuring a celebrity guests everyday.

A host of offers and special deals are also now available at the Mall for guests to celebrate the end of season, including a special discount from Furla on its most iconic handbag models, and a drop of prices at the famous modest fashion brand Kashkha by up to 70% on all items, amongst a myriad of other promotions. Visitors can visit for more details.

An engaged member of Doha’s community, Doha Festival City will hold a CSR initiative for October’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month in collaboration with the Teal Society and sponsored by Jamie’s Italian restaurant. Combined with the #FestivalCares and #QatarUnitesUS digital campaigns, Doha residents will also be invited to participate.

Moreover, Doha Festival City will release new episodes of its exclusive ‘FFTV’. After several successful episodes featuring Doha’s personalities including TV presenters and fitness mentors, this Sunday’s episode will be focused on motherhood and newborns, featuring Mothercare, the leading retailer of products for newborns and young children. With over 6 million viewers reached, Fashion TV is an undeniable success for Doha Festival City.

In November, a dedicated Fashion Month will be held at the Mall gathering local designers, fashion stakeholders, Doha Festival City retailers and guests all under one roof, to enjoy exclusive fashion shows, and fashion-related installations.

Furthermore, a European Outdoor Cinema Film Festival will be hosted by Doha Festival City to familiarize Doha’s residents with the rich European cinematography scene. The festival will be held in the new parking space.

On this special occasion, Doha Festival City pays tribute to Maki restaurant for hosting its brand relaunch event and treating guests with exquisite dishes.

Maki is a contemporary Japanese restaurant with a focus on quality ingredients and innovation, and five award-winning restaurants internationally. Oliver Maki London was listed in the Michelin Guide book 2017 & 2018 and won Time Out’s Best Loved Restaurant in Soho & Covent Garden in 2018. To know about more Maki Brand Please visit

Doha Festival City opening hours are Saturday to Wednesday from 10am to 10 pm, and Thursday to Friday from 10am to 11pm. Children of all ages are now allowed to enter the mall. In line with the preventative measures set out by the authorities, Doha Festival City has introduced stringent health and safety measures throughout the mall for its staff and visitors. This includes a thorough mall disinfection treatment on a weekly basis, robust cleaning and sanitization operations during mall trading hours, 127 hand sanitizing stations installed in the areas that have commonly touched surfaces.

At the entrance to the mall and all shops, visitors must show their green Ehteraz QR code, and should wear a face mask during their whole time in the mall. Physical distancing stickers in common queuing areas, such as ATM machines, banks, telecommunication kiosks and branches and various retail shops were installed to help shoppers keep the required physical distance as set forth in the guidelines by the authorities. Stores will provide sanitizers on entry and at cash points to ensure the highest level of hygiene.

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