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Doha gears up for 'Disyembre' with Darren Espanto

08 November 2023| Doha. 'Disyembre', a visionary entertainment event in Qatar is set to redefine Doha's musical landscape. Event organizers have just announced 'DISYEMBRE! with DARREN ESPANTO - LIVE IN CONCERT'. On 8th December 2023 at the Mondrian Hotel at 7 p.m the concert will unravel a blaze of sensational entertainment, with songs that touch the soul, rhythms that make people dance and a voice that has captured the hearts of millions worldwide.

Right here in the heart of West Bay, Darren Espanto, the iconic Filipino sensation is poised to take the stage. The exclusive one night only performance promises to deliver world class showmanship by Asia's Pop Heartthrob.

Cementing its commitment to bridging cultures and celebrating world-class talent, Disyembre has curated an evening that promises more than just music. The event dives into stories of family, homecoming, friendships and the celebration of memories. This is a narrative that resonates with the Filipino and Asian community in Qatar, particularly during the holiday season when nostalgia is at its highest.

Speaking to the media Aristotle Hernandez, Program Director said, " Let me begin by telling you why 'DISYEMBRE!'?. We know December is a month that brings along more than just the festive spirit and a season that celebrates the joyous sentiment of homecoming. When the winter chill begins to touch the sands of Doha it would be right to say that it ignites the warmth of Filipino spirit. Given that Qatar has a Filipino diaspora of more than 260,000 and counting and so many Asian fans of Darren Espanto living and working here so we wanted to put together a top-tier entertainment event that captured the sentiments of the season. It would be right to say that this concert is something that's by the Filipino community for the Filipino community and for every music lover in Qatar".

Commenting on the global talent being brought to Qatar Aristotle Hernandez said, "Espanto isn't just a performer. He is an entertainment phenomenon with a narrative of success and talent that has shaken global platforms. So we are delighted to bring his live concert here to elevate Qatar's offerings of the holiday season".

Darren Espanto's meteoric rise in the world of music has been nothing short of spectacular. With a voice that resonates deep emotion and passion he has proven why he is regarded as one of the finest young talents of his generation. His discography paints a vivid portrait of versatility. With heart-wrenching ballads and upbeat pop Espanto delivers his performances with finesse. But it is on stage, under the lights

that his fans say he is truly at his best.

As news of the event has begun to spread, fans of Espanto look forward to being mesmerized by the singer, songwriter, actor and TV personality who went from bustling cities of the Philippines to the global stage. With 'DISYEMBRE! with DARREN ESPANTO LIVE IN CONCERT', Qatar is truly about to witness more than a concert. It will be a homecoming for all.



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