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Eunoia Organizes "Mental Wellness Symposium" to Commemorate First Anniversary

Doha, June 3rd, 2023 - Eunoia, a leading Doha-based company specializing in wellness services, celebrated its first anniversary by hosting a remarkable symposium dedicated to employee wellbeing. The symposium, held at Sharq Village & Spa Doha on May 30th, 2023, brought together influential figures in the field, showcased Eunoia's future plans, and announced a significant collaboration with Wellkins Medical Centre. As part of the anniversary celebrations, Eunoia also signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with Wellkins Medical Centre, a new multi-specialty medical facility located in Ramada Signal Doha.

The symposium, led by Dr. Sonakshi Ruhela, an award-winning psychologist based in Dubai, and Dr. Shaheema Hameed, a renowned professional in Human Resources and Talent Development, captivated the audience with insightful sessions. The event reached its pinnacle with an awe-inspiring and mind-bending interactive presentation by Mentalist Aathi, a highly acclaimed artist known for their extraordinary skills in observation and deduction. The symposium garnered attendance from esteemed representatives, senior officials from reputable companies, community leaders, as well as officials from both Eunoia and Wellkins.

Eunoia proudly stands as Qatar's first Human Asset Management company, driven by a group of Young Women Entrepreneurs under the guidance of a panel of experienced psychologists and HR professionals. The company provides a wide range of employee wellness services, including mental health assessments, employee assistance programs, recruitment, and performance management for corporate organizations and other entities.

During the event, Ms. Aisha Mohammed Salim, the Founder of Eunoia, shared an overview of the company's accomplishments and expressed her satisfaction with the successful collaborations formed with major corporate entities in Qatar during its inaugural year. Ms. Salim stated, "We are delighted to have partnered with prominent corporate companies in Qatar during our first year. Our mission is to foster an equitable, healthy, and productive workforce by promoting employee well-being and embracing sustainability. We aim to provide corporations with improved work-life balance, increased job satisfaction, and learning opportunities."

Dr. Sameer Moopan, Chairman & Managing Director of WELLKINS Medical Centre & DSM Healthcare, highlighted the significance of addressing feelings of anxiety and stress, which are common experiences in the workplace. He acknowledged the amplified impact of these emotions in the post-pandemic work environment and emphasized the relevance of Eunoia's role in addressing these challenges. Dr. Moopan commended Eunoia's achievements over the past year and expressed his pleasure in collaborating to create a healthy and productive workforce.

The "Mental Wellness Symposium" marked a pivotal moment for Eunoia as it celebrated its successful first year while paving the way for future endeavors. The collaboration with Wellkins Medical Centre strengthens Eunoia's commitment to improving mental well-being in the workplace and fortifying a healthier and happier workforce in Qatar.

The event witnessed the participation of esteemed guests, including Salem Al Kuwari, Chairman of Redlogik; Ullattil Achu, Group CEO of Dyarco International; Ashraf K.P, Managing Director of WellCare Group; CA Shanavas Bava, President of ICBF; principals from various schools, Admin and HR Managers of various companies as well as other prominent personalities.



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