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FIFA World CUP Security and Safety Committee in Milipol Qatar

Doha. The Security and Safety Operations Committee of the 2022 FIFA Qatar World Cup participated in the Millipol Qatar 2022 Exhibition with a distinguished pavilion. The Committee is showcasing its latest preparations for securing major sports championships, especially as Qatar is approaching the hosting of the world's most prestigious championship.

Capt. Ali Al Nema, head of the security and governance program, said the pavilion of the Committee showcases a range of security systems to be used in the 2022 FIFA Qatar World Cup, including an anti-drone system, an integrated system that monitors and deals with any suspected bodies of any drones.

The pavilion also exhibits the Security Access System (SACS), which helps manage crowds during entry and exits to and from stadiums, as well as ensuring the validity and safety of tickets and fan cards, and detecting any fraud.

In addition to this, the Security Committee’s pavilion exhibits the security system to control surveillance cameras at stadiums, their surroundings, fan areas, etc., which is linked to the National Command Center, and allows law enforcement agencies to take action in the event of any security threats, as the wing is known as the Security Surveillance System (ALO).

The Visitors to the pavilion of the Security Committee are introduced to the Fan Card (Haya) system used during the 2021 FIFA Qatar Arab Cup, which will also be used during the World Cup, a process that contributes to the ease of procedures and access to stadiums, as well as ensuring enhanced security and safety measures, where visitors are informed of the steps required to obtain the fan card. Haya is also the system through which the tournament will be offered for fans from outside the country.

The exhibition also showcases miniature models of the stadiums on which the 2022 FIFA Qatar World Cup matches are held, with a review of the latest security, safety and well-being.



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