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Filipinos in Qatar, ready to celebrate 125th Anniversary of Philippine Independence and Nationhood

Updated: May 10, 2023

This year’s celebration to showcase Philippine culture, and heritage through various activities and events.
PID23 Presscon Panel (Photo: Leo Bautista)

The Philippine Independence Day 2023 (PID23) Executive Committee (ExeCom) organized a press conference to unveil the roadmap for the upcoming Philippine Independence Day celebration in Qatar. The press conference was held on May 6, 2023 at Bos Geo Pares Restaurant in Al Muntazah, Doha and attended by members of the media, community leaders, and various stakeholders.

The PID23 ExeCom, consisting of representatives from Filipino community organizations and is led by the Philippine Business Council Qatar (PBCQ), announced the theme of this year's celebration, "Kalayaan, Kinabukasan, Kasaysayan" (Freedom, Future, History) and the various Fiesta Filipinas - inspired programs and activities lined up for the event. The celebrations aim to showcase and promote the Philippines' cultural heritage, traditions, and achievements, while encouraging inclusivity of every Filipino in the host country.

Mr. Jyerex Abrasado - Chair of PID23 Executive Committee (Photo: Leo Bautista)

At the prescon, Mr. Jyerex Abrasado, Chair of PID23 ExeCom and current Finance Director of PBCQ, gave opening remarks stressing the importance of PID23 for every Filipino citizen residing in Qatar. Abrasado emphasized the event's significance in promoting Filipino heroism, freedom, and the nation's heritage.

We have to make this PID23 event into something that once you attend and participate in the celebrations, you will go home with honor and pride on the heroism of our forefathers that lead to every Filipino’s freedom and our country’s nationhood”, said Abrasado.

Abrasado further went on to lead a 'love connection' activity that involved everyone in attendance, emphasizing the importance of unity and love for the country and community in Qatar. He translated these values into L.O.V.E - Leadership, Openness, Values, and Excellence.

Photo: Leo Bautista

Arch. Marvin Tejada, the Co-Chair of PID23, emphasized the need for collaborative efforts to ensure the successful delivery of this significant event. He also highlighted the importance of promoting inclusivity extending the invitation to every Filipino compatriot in the community.

"There is significant value in promoting broader engagement from Filipino residents in Qatar across all job sectors, ensuring that everyone feels a sense of ownership and participation in the event. This marks a notable difference from last year's celebration," said Tejada.

Arch. Marvin Tejada - Co-Chair of PID23 Executive Committee (Photo: Leo Bautista)

During the prescon, the spotlight was on the PID23 Roadmap, presented by Mr. Isaias Z. Marcelo, the Chair of the PID23 Programme Committee. Marcelo unveiled that the one-day celebration would include a range of activities such as Almusalang Bayan, Community Parade, Cultural & Traditional Performances, Bazaar, Regional Exhibits, Filipino Traditional Games, Battle of the Bands, Vocal Solo Contest, and Mutya ng Kalayaan 2023.

The PID23 ExeCom panel disclosed that negotiations with a potential sponsor are underway to bring a guest celebrity who will be performing at the celebration.

The media representatives were invited to ask questions and clarify any doubts they had regarding the celebration. They were also given a chance to interview the committee members, performers, and sponsors.

The prescon was a great way to provide the media and various stakeholders with comprehensive information on the upcoming Philippine Independence Day celebration and encourage their participation and support.

The Philippine Independence Day celebration in Qatar promises to be a spectacular event that will showcase the best of Philippine culture and offer an opportunity to build greater unity and understanding among the Filipino community residing in Qatar.

The prescon concluded with a dinner sponsored by Bos Geo Pares Restaurant.



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