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LG breezes into Qatar with cool and innovative products on display at LG Life's Good Event

DOHA, May 16, 2024 – LG Electronics (LG) brought its LG Life’s Good showcase event to Qatar earlier this week, where more than 100 guests descended on the exclusive, luxurious The Ned Doha, for creative product presentations set to the backdrop of an intimate gala dinner.

Featuring new and exciting creations that highlight the company’s innovative features and capabilities, including LG’s premium line-up of built-in home appliances and home entertainment solutions, the unique customer-focused showcase represents a promise to bring even more products that prioritize user experience, convenience, efficiency, and sustainability to the region.

Stealing the show was the revolutionary WashTower™ laundry solution, which used the event as a launch pad into the Qatar market. Designed with compact living spaces in mind, combining a washer and dryer in a space-efficient design, the WashTower™ boasts generous capacities and advanced AI technologies like Artificial Intelligence Direct Drive™ (AI DD™) and Smart Pairing™. This innovative solution intelligently analyzes fabric characteristics, optimizing the laundry process by choosing the best washing pattern for each load and automatically syncing the dryer with the washer for efficient drying cycles, reducing fabric damage and extending clothing lifespan.

Clean, cool air also played a primary role for the esteemed showcase guests representing the Qatar market, with LG bringing the new DUALCOOL, ARTCOOL – big, small, indoor, and outdoor – line-up of air conditioning units on display, Air Care Solutions that feature the double and single purifiers, dehumidifier, and the award winning 360-hit.

In the refrigeration segment, LG presented its state-of-the-art built-in range, including those with LG InstaView™ technology, which lets customers simply knock on the door to see what’s inside. These cutting-edge appliances also boast LINEARCooling™ for stable temperature control, DoorCooling⁺™ for rapid and even cooling, Hygiene FRESH+™ for air purification, and ThinQ™ for smart diagnostics and Wi-Fi control, ensuring freshness and convenience.

Also on show at the event, LG introduced the CordZero™ A9 Kompressor™ vacuum cleaner with All-in-One Tower™, which takes on the role of an intelligent and powerful cleaning device that offers effortless cleaning. The bin is emptied automatically when you place the handstick vacuum back into the docking station, saving you time and the hassle of dust scattering all over the place.

Another highlight at the event was sure to be the world’s smallest portable 4K projector, the groundbreaking CineBeam Q, which will go on sale in the region next month. Whether for a movie night on a living room wall or pointed above for a celestial sky scape shown on a ceiling, CineBeam Q redefines the portable home cinema, offering unparalleled picture quality, ease of use, and versatility. Additionally, on display was the LG MyView Smart Monitor (2024 CES Innovation Award winner) which makes your everyday experiences extraordinary. Connect effortlessly with the content that matters to you, on a personalized screen that completes your space. Jump from work to play with intuitive navigation that just makes sense.

The LG Life’s Good Event continued the premium theme with the newest high-end products, such as the award-winning flagship 97” LG SIGNATURE WIRELESS OLED M, and the incredible G4 series of OLEDs, as well as the 86” QNED TV, StanbyME – the ultimate moveable smart screen – and the world's first 240Hz OLED gaming monitor, LG UltraGear.


This Life’s Good event highlighted the enduring partnership between LG and Video Home, and the shared commitment to bring cutting-edge technology to customers in Qatar.


Sa Nyoung Kim, LG Electronics Gulf President said "We are proud to introduce our latest innovations at the Life’s Good event in Qatar. This event not only highlights our commitment to enhancing everyday lives through intelligent solutions but also strengthens our dedication to the Middle Eastern markets. We look forward to continuing our journey of innovation and excellence alongside our partner in Qatar, Video Home, ensuring that every LG experience is one that truly makes life good."


Video Home Managing Director, Mr. Sajed Jassim, remarked, "Our successful collaboration with LG Electronics Gulf continues to deliver exceptional value and innovation to the Qatari market. We look forward to many more milestones together. This event underscores the strength of our alliance and our dedication to excellence in consumer electronics”.


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