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Doha: is your ultimate travel solution, right at your fingertips. Proudly serving the residents and citizens of Qatar, is a collaborative venture between the Al Jaber Group in Qatar and the Al Rashed International Group in Kuwait. is thoughtfully designed to cater to the diverse travel needs and preferences of the people of Qatar. Our primary goal is to provide swift and efficient travel services, tailored to the specific requirements and conveniences of our valued customers in Qatar. We're dedicated to offering exceptional support, even after travel arrangements have been made, ensuring a hassle-free experience that includes itinerary changes, cancellations, refunds, and more. is committed to serving the people of Qatar by the people of Qatar. Our services are specially designed to meet the unique travel needs of Qatar residents and citizens. whether you're planning a trip to explore the wonders of Europe, a romantic getaway to the historic sites of Bali, a pilgrimage to Japan's sacred temples, indulging in Gulf's cultural festivities, or seeking sports and entertainment in the USA, or a wellness retreat in Thailand and India, is the one-stop solution for all your travel needs. offers a wide range of services, including flight tickets, hotels, tourist destinations, visas, insurance, and incredible packages that cater to travelers' desires and preferences. With access to over 450 airlines, 100K Hotels and more than 100 packages worldwide, has tailored travel experiences for travel enthusiasts.

We understand that travel plans can arise at any time. That's why provides round-the-clock service to ensure your travel needs are met whenever you need. We pride ourselves on going above and beyond for our customers.

Mr. Mohammed Sultan Al Jaber, Chairman of the Al Jaber Group, Mr. Ravi Varrier, CEO of Al Rashed International Group, Mr. Pradeep Menon, CFO of Al Rashid International Group, Mr. Ahmed Al Jaber, Director – Al Jaber Group, Salah Khateeb, Cluster General Manager of Century Hotels and Mr. Dileep Nair, General Manager of Al Jaber Travels and Tours were present in press conference.


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