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Naseem Healthcare announces One Million Worth Surgeries

Naseem One Million Worth Surgery is a CSR initiative to provide financial aid to deserving patients for surgeries at Naseem Surgical Centre.

Mr. Mohammed Miandad VP Speaks at Press Meet

Naseem Healthcare, the top healthcare provider in Qatar, announced ‘Naseem One Million Worth Surgery’ on February 5 in a press conference held at the Naseem Medical Centre on C Ring Road. The initiative aims to provide 1 million QR worth of financial aid for Surgeries for those who deserve financial support to perform the procedure for better health.

Guests can avail of the benefit from the Naseem Surgical Centre upon notifying of their affordability conditions. The initiative would benefit Qatar residents with valid Qatar IDs recommended by embassies, social, community, and charitable associations, prominent individuals, and our friendly media partners.

After being diagnosed by our Doctors in the Surgical centre, the patients can discuss their affordability, who would be then directed to the program coordinator for detailed assessment and counselling and to secure approval from the approval committee. The internal approval committee constitutes the senior management officials of Naseem from finance, CSR, Medical Director, and branch operations.

“Naseem Healthcare's dedication to enhancing the community's health and well-being and ensuring everyone has access to high-quality healthcare is demonstrated by this initiative. We are happy to provide this assistance to those in need and hope to improve their lives”, said Mohammad Miandad VP Managing Director of Naseem Healthcare and CMD of 33 Holdings during the press conference.

The financial aid includes surgery charges such as Operating Theatre Charges, anaesthesia fee, surgeon fee, and pre-and post-op bed charges and OT Consumables but excludes Aesthetic Surgeries, VIP Rooms, Special Investigations and Special Implants.

The financial aid is only for surgeries performed at Naseem Surgical Centre and will be adjusted in the surgery bill, and not paid in cash. The amount of financial aid will be partial or full depend on the patient's financial status.

“Patrons or any organisations who wish to recommend can contact our special program team at 66224081, 30806833”, Dr Munir Ali Ibrahim, General Manager, Naseem Healthcare said while explaining about the advancements achieved by Naseem Healthcare in medical excellence and operational efficiency . “Naseem Surgical Centre also plans to conducts Medical & Surgical camps in association with various community social and charity organisations and Embassies to provide this benefits to the deserving patients”, Dr Munir added.

Dr Mudasser Rehan

Naseem Surgical Centre, a healthcare facility recently launched which is entirely dedicated to surgical procedures, and staffed by a team of over 30 doctors with surgical privileges for over 100 major surgeries in departments such as General Surgery, Orthopaedic Surgery, Laparoscopic Surgery, Gynaecology, Surgical Urology, ENT, Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, and Diagnostic & Therapeutic Gastrointestinal Endoscopy, said by Dr. Mudesser Rehan, General Surgeon, Naseem Surgical Centre.

In Qatar, Naseem Healthcare is one of the most well-known medical facilities, providing care to more than 90,000 patients each month from 95 different countries through its 7 branches. The largest private healthcare provider in the nation, Naseem, has been serving Qatar for the past 17 years.



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