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Qabayan Radio 94.3 FM and UAP-Qatar extend collaboration agreement for another year

In a show of continued collaboration and goodwill, Qabayan Radio 94.3 FM and the United Architects of the Philippines Qatar Chapter (UAP-Qatar) solidified their partnership today, February 24th, by renewing their agreement for another year. The signing, which took place at the Qabayan Radio office, marks a commitment to furthering mutual and symbiotic benefits, with both organizations dedicated to serving the Filipino community in Qatar.

Mr. Salim Kainikkara – Qabayan’s Managing Director, and Arch. Kriz Samed Mangilaya Quiogue – President of UAP-Qatar

Representing Qabayan Radio, Mr. Salim Kainikkara, the Managing Director, joined forces with Arch. Kriz Samed Mangilaya Quiogue, President of UAP-Qatar, to formalize the extension of their collaboration. The signing ceremony was witnessed by RJ John, Qabayan's Events Manager, and other officials from UAP-Qatar.

Prior to the signing, both parties engaged in a constructive dialogue, reviewing their respective commitments and discussing policies and procedures related to public service announcements. This thorough discussion underscores the dedication of both organizations to ensuring that their collaboration continues to serve each organization and the Filipino community effectively.

The partnership between Qabayan Radio and UAP-Qatar is rooted in a shared vision of supporting and empowering not only each other, but also the Filipino community in Qatar. Through joint initiatives and programs, they aim to provide valuable services and resources to Filipino residents, fostering a sense of belonging and connectivity within the community.

With this renewed agreement, Qabayan Radio and UAP-Qatar reaffirm their commitment to working together towards common goals and objectives. As they embark on another year of collaboration, they remain steadfast in their mission to make a positive impact and enhance the lives of Filipinos in Qatar.



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