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Qabayan Radio and PSME Qatar Extend Collaboration Agreement

Mr. Salim Kainikkara, in his capacity as the Managing Director of Qabayan Radio, and Engr. Andy M. Dipasupil, serving as the President of PSMEQ, proudly display the signed memorandum of understanding (MoU) while other officials from both organizations observe the momentous occasion.

Doha, February 28, 2024 – Strengthening their longstanding partnership, the Philippine Society of Mechanical Engineers – Qatar Chapter (PSMEQ) and Qabayan Radio have renewed their collaboration, solidifying their commitment to serving the Filipino community in Qatar.

The renewal of the collaboration was formalized through the signing of a memorandum of understanding (MoU) today evening at the Qabayan Radio station in Al Muntazah. The agreement was signed by Mr. Salim Kainikkara, Managing Director of Qabayan Radio, and Engr. Andy M. Dipasupil, President of PSMEQ, in the presence of officials from both organizations.

Prior to the signing ceremony, a meeting was held to reaffirm each party's shared understanding and dedication to their collaboration.

The partnership between Qabayan Radio and PSMEQ has been longstanding, with both organizations working together to provide services and support to the Filipino community in Qatar. This renewal underscores their commitment to continued cooperation for the mutual benefit of their respective constituencies.

With this renewed collaboration, both PSMEQ and Qabayan Radio are poised to further their efforts in serving the needs of the Filipino community, contributing to their welfare and advancement in Qatar.



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