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Quarantine exemption period, walang mababago- Dr. Al Maslamani

Updated: Apr 2, 2021

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Ayon kay Hamad General Hospital Medical Director Dr. Yousef Al Maslamani, walang magbabago sa quarantine exemption period para sa mga taong nakatanggap na ng 2nd dose ng Covid-19 vaccine hanggang walang matibay na scientific data na magpapatunay na hindi na ito mahahawahan.

Sa kasalukuyan, ang quarantine exemption ay valid hanggang tatlong buwan, 14 days matapos makargahan ng second dose ng bakuna. “The available data shows that it is possible to exempt from quarantine for a period of three months. If additional information reveals that the effectiveness of the vaccine can extend up to six months or a year, then this would be a good thing. Then the period of exemption from quarantine may extend up to six months or more,” ayon kay Dr. Al Maslamani mula sa kanyang panayam sa Qatar TV noong lunes.

Dagdag pa niya, “For us as recipients, the vaccine has actually been in existence for only three months. But if the manufacturers say the vaccine has proven the same efficacy after six months or a year, this will be a good thing, and the exemption period from the quarantine may extend to six months or more. The scientific committee in the Ministry of Public Health reviews these matters and the reports of hospitals around the world and even the reports issued by the different countries that have vaccinated large numbers of their population.”

“Certainly the strategic committee will not hesitate to take the appropriate decision if the data are available confirming that this procedure will be appropriate,” sabi pa ni Dr. Al Maslamani.

Bilang pahuling pahayag, sinabi niyang nagiging 95% immune sa Covid-19 ang isang tao matapos pa lamang ang dalawang Linggo mula ng ito ay mabakunahan ng second dose.



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