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Safety Tips during the Holy Month of Ramadan

Traffic Safety during the Holy Month of Ramadan


  1. Avoid speeding and recklessness while driving before Iftar time. Adhere to the specified speeds on the road, and refrain from nervousness and emotional reactions that may accompany fasting individuals, especially during driving.

  2. If it's time for Iftar or nearing the time of Suhoor, there's no need to be preoccupied with anything other than driving, whether eating or drinking. It's recommended to stop at designated waiting areas to consume food and drink, then proceed to your destination safely.

  3. Ensure that the road is completely free from both sides before crossing, especially during peak hours and cross it only through designated areas for crossing.

  4.  Don’t let the children play in the internal roads of the residential areas especially at night in order to ensure their safety from traffic accidents and allow them to play only at designated areas for playing.

  5.  Avoid driving when fatigued or tired, experiencing dizziness, as these symptoms can lead to lack of focus and attention during driving. If you are in conditions requiring rest, medication, or stimulants affecting concentration or causing relaxation, please refrain from driving for your safety and the safety of others.


Fire Safety during the Holy Month of Ramadan

  1. Make sure that there is a proper and valid fire extinguisher in your house.

  2. Do not leave the children in the kitchen or nearby hot and burning materials or electrical power sources. 

  3. When a fire breaks out in the oil pan, avoid pouring water into the pan as it ignites the fire and cover the burning pan by placing the nearest thick lid on the pan or cover it with fire blanket. 

  4. Do not leave the matchstick until it is completely extinguished.

  5. Do not wear flowing dresses or nylon mixed wears in the kitchen in order to avoid catching fire.

  6. When a fire breaks out in the trash bin, cover the burning trash bin immediately with a damp cloth, for preventing the oxygen from igniting the fire.

  7. When gas odor is smelled, immediately open all doors and windows to reduce concentration of leaked gas. Do not use a burning matchstick near a gas cylinder to locate the source of leakage and avoid switching on the lights and exhaust fan for ventilation, as they may serve as points of ignition to the highly inflammable gas, and an electric spark from the switches of a light or a fan, is sufficient to ignite the leaked gas.

  8. Make sure to put the gas cylinders in a cool and open place to get it under control easily when necessary and do not expose it to the sun.



General Safety during the Holy Month of Ramadan


Prevention of Begging 


  • Begging is a bad habit. If you see beggars, please report Anti-Begging Section on 2347444 or 33618627.


 Dealing with Emergency 


  • In case of any emergency, do not panic, but act wisely and contact emergency number 999 immediately, or the deaf emergency service number 992.



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