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Two New Members Join the Qatar Internet Exchange Point

Doha, May 12, 2024: The Qatar Internet Exchange Point (QIXP) has been joined by the Packet Clearing House (PCH) - which operates the world’s first and largest Domain Name System content delivery network - and Zenlayer, the world’s first hyperconnected cloud, alongside a group of entities representing service providers, academic institutions, and other local entities.


Ali Al-Suwaidi, Director of the Technical Affairs Department at CRA

The QIXP is a non-profit carrier-neutral Internet Exchange Point, was established to develop the internet and digital infrastructure in the State of Qatar. It enables internet service providers, digital content providers, academic institutions and both government and private entities to exchange local data and information over the internet within the State of Qatar, instead of exchanging it outside the country. This improves the speed of access to this data and information by end users.


"We are pleased to welcome the two new members to QIXP, which will benefit all QIXP’s members. Localizing data traffic to the members will contribute to improving the overall quality of the internet and ensure faster and more secure access to the hosted digital content." said Ali Al-Suwaidi, Technical Affairs Department Director, Communications Regulatory Authority (CRA) and QIXP Steering Committee Chairman.


He added: "The QIXP contributes to providing advanced infrastructural and informational frameworks, developing the Information and Communication Technology sector, and building a knowledge-based economy that contributes to diversifying the local economy. This supports the Qatar National Vision 2030 and the Third Qatar National Development Strategy, which include providing world-class telecom services and improving the quality of life for citizens and residents.”


The QIXP Steering Committee was established by Cabinet Decision No. (24) of 2018. It aims to leverage the country’s existing infrastructure through which the Internet Service Providers' systems and the content delivery network exchange the internet traffic. To achieve this, the committee has worked on renewing QIXP’s infrastructure, expanding to three data centers in multiple geographical locations, with further expansion plans aimed at attracting more local and international digital content providers.



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