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Good morning, mga kababayan here in Qatar. Good morning, RJ Cody. Salamat kay Lord for giving us another day. May we overcome the challenges that come our way in life and may we live in peace. May love reign throughout the world. May we all be blessed. Take care, everyone.

#shiegraquetero #qabayanfm94.3

  • Hi RJ Cody, good morning! I was really surprised earlier while driving to work. Just as I turned on the radio, my song started playing (KUNG MAGKITA TAYO MULI), I blushed, of course, because I'm the only one who gets so thrilled about my own song. Haha, sorry! But thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to have my song played on your station once again. I hope, my friends, you can get me into the top 10, even if it's just at number 10, on the most requested songs of 94.3 Qabayan FM. Thank you very much, and God bless you all with more power.

    #kungmagkitatayomuli #shiegraquetero

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