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Rjcody have a nice wonderful

Tuesday morning to you 😊

Sense of humour... a personality that gives someone the ability to say some funny things and see funny sides of things...

A good srnse if humour doesn't mean memorizing jokes and jamming them into conversations. A good sense of humour responds to the flow of conversation in ways that are creative and entertaining. There is deffirenc between bribg funny and having good sense of humour...

Being funny means being able to express humour ( well timed)... Having sense of humour means being able to laugh at-- or at least see the humour - in life's absurdities... You do not need to be funny to have a good sense of humour.

Trying to be funny without a sense, of humour is usewally seen as bitter, sarcastic, and nasty.

Thank you so much rjcody.



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