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I open upbeat music and take a cold shower singing while taking a shower is awesome, makes a sound like a great singer, and helps in making life's decisions 😊 Clean my house - the smell and the cleanliness help to change my mood. I go to public place, sit and observe people - it helps to make you realize you and your problems are not as important as you think. I count my blessings and do my gratitude - helps me realize I am very rich, very lucky. I apply 5×5×5 approach to my problem - Does this problem will have any significance in my lufe in the next 5 minutes, 5 days, 5 years.? I will focus on what the solution is if there us one. If so, I will try to forgive that out and apply. If it's to late for a solution, I will convince myself that all will be well tomorrow. I have learned that time is the best medication. It will ease pain... heal a wound.... change the table for the situation. Just convince yourself and believe that your present status is not last. Meet people - talk and laugh. It helps. If it's a mistake I did I tell myself I am 1 person on this huge planet with billions of others like me living and doing the same and many more mistakes. This single mistake of mine is ok,it's no big deal.... it's not the end of the world... that's how we learn and I move on.

Thank you so much for the wonderful qotd rjcody 😊 good morning to you and take always


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