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Rjkenzo good evening to you 😊

I would not choose anything. If go back to the past and change one thing, then I will not be where I am today. There are regrets there are mistakes in the past, but I have learnt something from them. It made me stronger, through the lessons were harsh. But that's okay, Everything happens for a reason. So the option of changing past is ruled out of me. Just learn, Accept and Move on! Seeing my entire future beforehand? That will make my life noring and scary too, because I will be knowing what is going to happen next. And if I come to know the problems I am gonna face in future, because hand, I will stop living this minute and my focus will be Shifted on avoiding those problems. My current life might be filled with fear of future. And no, I don't want that.

Life is not about changing past or fearing about future. It is about living this moment to the fullest, accepting the past and letting go of the worries of future.

Thanks Rjkenzo 😊

RJ Kenzo


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