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Rjkenzo hello

Do you believe that when you forgive you should also forget?

For me you should always try your level best to forgive people. I agree it maybe hard at times. Maybe you're too hurt inside. I believe in the funds of forgiveness.

Forgive but not forget. Always learn from experience.

Okey tell me, do you remember someone who hurt you terribly 10 yrs ago? Do you hate him / her sitll with the same intensity?

I bet that your answer would be NO. Trust me my friend, you should always forgive people. Not because you want them to stay in your life but because you deserve peace. You should always learn from your bitter past experiences. Now with calm mind recall the situation. Why are you hurt? Diy you give too much ir importance to someone who doesn't deserve it? Analyze the situation from his/ her point of view. Did you overreact.

RJ Kenzo


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