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You love someone. You place your trust, the most precious and sensitive ornament you are bestowed with. You feel love, cared, admired, and with time, you start relying upon that person for quite a number of things in life.

Untill one day, that person pushes you from the edge of the cliff of your mountain - like- trust. Life appears blank for days, minutes and seconds.

Truth appears to he ruthless.

Tears try not to drip but they have to!

It takes a long time to rise up, build up a complete new yourself and stand on your own feet, self dependent and self sufficient.

You can't trust with your absolute potential once again, you can't blindly rely upon someone once again.

Solitude and less expectation gives you peace.

Parties, gropies don't give light of joy.

People change with time because life never fails of bring a change in human belief, level of experience and perception!

Thank you so much rjcody good morning. Stay happ, Stay connected !! 😊


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