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Living is doing endless things - doing things you've always wanted to do - fulfilling your dreams, chasing them and doing whatever it takes to catch them.

Existing on the other hand, is merely breathing and doing the daily chores. I personally feel that the biggest difference in living and existing is the amount of control you have on your life, on your emotions. Emotions have a big role to play in this. Someone who exists lets emotions such as fear and anger dictate what they can and can't do, Someone who is living understand those emotions, controls them and doesn't let them interfere with their decisions. It's an elaborate process - it has a beginning, middle and the end - all of which are equally inevitable. Existing on the other hand, is like a long survival - no stages, just one process where you breath and you survive.

You've probably seen people in ages 40-50-60 some of them says that I'm not satisfied with my life. I didn't get what I wanted,... so here is the difference between existing and living.

Living means injoying your life, doing thing that you like, being happy, having someone to love, to be loved, not wasting your time in the present for feature ( some people say if I become that, I'll be happy, I'll be OK. but I can assure you, when you don't enjoy present, you're going to have problems with tomorrow). To exist, you simply follow the actions, like a robot.

Thank you so much rjcody long time no answer your qotd😊

Good morning have a nice wonderful Sunday Peace Be with You rjcody ❤️


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