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Rjcody hi good morning

I would say "loved" once Im loved I would feel I am being respected for the I amm able to give and admiration would soon be followed as anyone who is, able to give / show love he/ she will have it within them the urge to admire and respect these who they have chosen to love.

In my view, love- respect don't necessarily go hand - in hand, as men can respect each other without loving one another - primarily because most make interaction is limitedto skills, interests and expertise. There's an unspoken understanding that exists and is usewally followed.

But if/ when a woman asks me this question, its difficult for me separate the two, unless the relationship is strictly in a bussiness context. In that practically applies.

Outside ot the bussiness - only context. I have a yearning to be loved and respected, and I know that both love and respect are something earned - never demanded.

Be loved, above anything else in this world!!

Thank you rjcody


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