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Yes! Family is everything irrespective of the good to bad things that's happening to you. My family has bees a priority in my life. I prioritize my family over everything no matter how challenging it may seems to me.

When you have compassion and empathy you will always find reasons to your family happiness. Even at my worst I don't make an excuse I still manage to make them happy because I cannot bare seeing the people love and care about suffering. I'm always available for them financially, emotionally, and physically because I have came to realized when they're a happy I'm also happy.

I always make them happy feel special,about themselves and not to dwell into worrying about the past circumstances. Because they don't have a posses all the luxurious in the world to feel safe and happy.

Whatever I'm sacrificing and working hard enough to achieve, it's because of my family, they're the reason and they know because it's my dream to make them happy always and provide them with luxurious lifestyle.

A little compassion and empathy you hold in your heart can go a milestone impacting the people around you positively.

Today I will

stay positive

worry less

be kind

take care of me

Thanks rjcody Mery Christmas from my family to yours 🎄



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