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#ScamAlert The Modus: An unknown caller identifying himself as someone from Hamad Medical Corporation and ask you whether or not you have completed your COVID-19 vaccine shots and will tell you that you need to be registered. He will tell you that he will send you an OTP and that you need to give back that OTP to him. You will receive an OTP on your mobile phone and he will hastily get it from you with a warning that you need to give it within 1 minute - this is so you may not find time to read the detail of the SMS with the OTP. Never give that OTP as that will activate a payment charged from your bank account e.g. debit or credit card.

Note that COVID-19 registration is centralised on Ehteraz and there's no other system about COVID-19 you need to register.

You may report to the Police Department any similar incident.



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