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Rjandi hi!

That they have seem a lot of shit in their life.

That they choose not to talk much, because silence is golden. Especially in a shadow society like this.

But they like to be talked to. And they are really good listeners because they embrace your words with happiness. And that they probably get extremely happy when people are genuinely interested in them, it maybe just takes a bit gor them to open up. And if you actually find what they are interested in, they will be more than happy to talk with you about that.

It depends on how you talk to him. If you're a nagger, then stop being one. If you're too talkative, then learn to pause for a while and let him hear his own thoughts to process what your saying. If you're a nice talker but then he said that you irritated him then it's a red flag.

Thank you rjandi good afternoon.


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