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Pipiliin ko yung mahal ko but not to the extent that i will do the 1st move or neither to be desperate just for him to love me back. To all ladies if ever you are chasing to any guys you love, please never lower your standards just for LOVE, always intact in your mind to have self-respect . If the person you love will never love you back, distant urself from him kasi at the end he will just take u for granted and worst is he doesn't care at all for what u feel kasi hnd ka mahal. Madami kasing mga kababaihan Rj Cody na they know na hindi cla mahal pero pinagpipilitan pa rin nila ang sarili nila which leading to depression and anxiety. Know always your limits and ur self worth. Requesting a song po "Night Changes" by One Direction thanks RJ Cody


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