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Rj Tasha

I stayed busy.

When I stayed busy, it Kept my mind on other things. It helped the time go by and time flying is the ticket to healing.

Even if your relationship is 50 - 50, on the rocks, maybe dying- just stay busy. Focus on your own life. If you come off as desperate and waiting for his or her attention it doesn't do you any favors in being more attractive.

If you're single - again - stay busy. Go out and do things. That's how you meet people. Don't sit around craving a relationship. It lowers your value.

With a bad break up, sit around and wallow life has been butter smooth, but things become exiting and thrilling. I am fully successful now and satisfied since.

I'm chasing my dreams and working hard on my passion. Still single and injoying it !!!

Just stay busy.

Thanks rj tasha good afternoon to you. Can i make a song request Closer You and I by gino padilla.

RJ Tasha
RJ Tasha

wow..thank you so much for your answer. Yes I'll be playing your request before I sign out..great song request btw :)



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