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Rjcody good morning to you 😊

Whom would you choose, the one that loves you or the one you love?

I think its better, to be with someone you love?


Because -

1.) The one who loves you will always, try to keep you happy where as in the other case you will be the one taking all the efforts.

2.) Your happiness will be in your hand. That person already loves you, so its your call now, just surrender and love back and be happy. Where as in the other case its upon the other person to be ready to reciprocate the feeling.

3.) Might be possible that the one you love might be in love with someone else who doesn't love his/ her mind. If so, most probably it will be a living hell for you.

But asking me,

(onlyread if you are willing to live a devoted, miserable life for a few starting years at least)

I might 99 percent go with the latter. It would hurt or whoever, but I am a person high in hopes, and believe in the powers of love and sacrifice.

If my feelings are genuine, they will fall in love with me because I believe " a love truly given is always returned".

Thank you again Rjcody


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