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The key word here is "allow"

I have no right to allow / not allow my boyfriend anything. He is an individual, I'm an individual and both of us have the right to have female/male friends. I'm not his parent and neither is he mine - we are partners.

If I ever found myself being suspicious ir thinking that there is something else going on the problem would be me not him. If two people in a relationship trust each other and one side feels jealous / doesn't trust the other side, then it's time to sit down and talk things out to see what is the real problem. In a lot of cases, it's insecurity if a guy is jealous that some will take his girlfriend or if a girl of jealous of every girl that talks to her boyfriend.

In other words, yes, when I start a relationship with someone, I expect it to start with honesty and trust, and he is free to have female friends just as I'm free to have male ones.

Pretty simple - either you trust each other or not. But being possessive is never a good thing.

Shout out to Paulux Ramirez and ate jilash.

Thank you so much rjandi good morning 😊 pls. play the song pinagtagpo pero di tinadna.


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