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Rjcody hi good morning to you😊

Need is very essential for us, the example air with oxygen to breathe, food to eat, sleep etc.

Want is something I desire to have it could be a "need" or not. For examples, if I am in short supply of air zo breathe. I not only need it, I also want it, But wants tend to go beyond need, and our own attachment to our wants makes it sound like a need. For examples, one may want to have a drink to relax and recoup, but the attachment to the drini makes one feel to say. "I need a drink".

When a "need" also become a want, it is a genuine lack of privilege in life, for example a poor person wants to havefood as she or he is quite hungry and can't afford to have food.

When a "want" also become a "need" it is craving towards addiction may be mild and it may not be a big deal.

We need to watch on both our needs turning into wants and our wants turning into needs, both are unffortunate situation we do not deserve to have.

Thank you so much rjcody.

Can a i have a request please (Labis Na Nasaktan)




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