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Rjcody hello😊

As per my understanding and perception, I think being afraid is temporary and one can find relief in it quickly, it is preconceived belief to anything, something, which is external of you but has a quick fix to it. Like being afraid of dark turn on lights, afraid of the ghost...

Fear is more deeply ingrained in you as a wound and lurks in your every choice you make, it is more losing term and impactful and needs a conscious effort to come out of it. It is hidden within you like a friend and a foe. I would associate fear to insecurities we have within us and the limiting beliefs we have for those insecurities in order to feel safe,secure,protected an in control of our self all the time. It can also extend to control the other people or surroundings so that we can hide or cover up our fear. These fear are more about fear of feeling fear of feeling any possible discomforting emotion arising due to our own limiting belief that being vulnerable is a sign of weakness! These take longer to come out of as one needs to find the fear, understand it for what it is, remove it until it is completely ridden of. These involve deep transformation and letting go.

Thank you so much rjcody have a nice day ahead😊


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