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Rjcody good morning 😊

Just go with the flow as long as you maintain your balance. In life there's a love that worth fighting for and the one that need to drop down. I mean, whoever stay with you, and whoever see your value and respect, maintain it. Many people are trying to be part if your life as they seen you having a good character but you can't. You are with one but not for all. Remember, to be grateful every day is a great blessing received in our life. It is not about fighting. It is about what I lost along the day. It is about my own standards, boundaries and what I think I deserve and what I get. What I can't live without.

I am not fighting for them. I am fighting for my self - for that version of me that is no longer happy. The person that is being snuffed out. I plan to leave because i know they won't compromise. That they did not choose me.

You shouldn't to fight for someone's affection, for them to stay. There comes a point where love is not enough. Where it's also about if they love you too - and accepting and letting go when they don't.

Because love is not a one - is - to one basis its something that is build up by the person that are willing to fight for what they have for each other to have a happy ever after.

Thank you rjcody 😊


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