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Help I'm sure I like to help people if I can because you never know what someone is going threw and you maybe the help that they needed to go on. However those playing both sides of the fence stops now. Don't allow people to keep using you because you give ainch they take a smile and think your stupid what they didn't realize is all those years you had their back regardess but now they coin is in the air. But they done it tot themselves. If I can help someone even if its seems like it's very nm little maybe they will repay the favor to someone else if and when they are able to later on, I don't help people so that they I think now owe me. I, do it if I can because I been there and needed help and someone helped me. Not because I wanted to never expect anything back but a thanks. Everyone needs help at some point.

What goes around comes around. We ALL have done good and bad things that will come back around to us, if you believe that statement. Personally at 27,I've seen enough proof in my own life and those of others, that I believe it to be very true ! Take this as a cautionary tale. ☹️

Thank you rjcody good morning happy tbt to you.

Rom Salas


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