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Rjcody hello good morning 😊

What's the difference between Affect and Effect. This pair of homophones is extremely confusing, that is for sure! You've posed a good question. An Effect refers to something that has been caused by something else, while Effect is generally used as a verb. For example, Global warming Effects the biosphere in myriad ways. Anong the effects us climate change are sea level rise, extinction of species, and an increase in extreme storms.

When used as a noun, " Effect" generally refers to the emotional impression created by an individual. People who have trouble expressing there feelings may be described an havibg a " flat effect". A person with a bubbly personality might be discribed as having a " joyful affect".

I do hope that other members chrime in with ithers ideas for remembering the difference between effect and affect. This is pretty rare see through.

I thank you rjcody for your wonderful question again today.



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