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Rjcody hello good morning 😊

Long time no answer right? How r you rjcody?

I don't know if this counts as " intimate". But last year, I accidentally texted my Director with - " Hi ana Get me a cheese danish on your way back?." I had meant to send this to my friend.

Usually I don't converse via txt with anyone other than my best friend. Only some occasions, I txt colleagues if I need their attention on something important / urgent. That day I had texted our Director for something. So the top conversation in my message in box was the conversation with him, I didn't realize this and blindly texted back on this same conversation.

The worst part is I didn't realize I had texted the wrong person.

About an hour Later I get a reply

" The chocolate croissants are better". When I saw the sender's name I realized what had happened. I walked to his office blushing like an absolute idiot and apologized. He laughed and told me it was no big deal.

But he still insisted that the chocolate croissants were better than the cheese danish. For anyone who's not familiar both of these are items at Starbucks.

Thank you rjcody happy Sunday 😊


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